Stratagem Innovation Capital Partners

Deep Roots In The Pacific Northwest and Texas


Stratagem Innovation Capital Partners is a private equity & venture capital partnership which, through its US and Canadian Funds, incubates innovative technologies to produce impactful businesses in the CleanTech, Life Sciences, and New Media sectors. Our interest extends across all communities, however we have a special emphasis on empowering South Asian Sikh communities in Canada and the US. 

We believe the spirit under which innovation is formed is a vital part of its growth.  With deep roots originating in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, what began as a family owned sustainable farm in the 1970’s has evolved into a private equity enterprise that continues to honor its heritage of grass roots innovation, sustainability and technology. We seek out early-stage “blue ocean” ideas that make a measured and positive impact on the world. 

Guided by the values and entrepreneurial spirit of multi-cultural Canadians, operating in both Canada and the US, we partner with innovators, government and academia to apply our proprietary Rapid Acceleration Methodology (RAM) to evaluate the merit, marketability, and business value of the latest technologies available to solve the world’s greatest challenges.