“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”Mahatma Gandhi






We developed our Rapid Acceleration Methodology (RAM) to empower the spirit within innovation while bringing out business value.




Here’s how RAM helps you win:


Rapid Inception

We take a rapid but thoughtful approach to understand an idea and determine market potential, legitimize its viability, and shape a business vision.

A. Authenticate Innovation

We work with innovation partners (entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, engineers and investors) to acutely pin-point addressable market opportunities. We develop early customer partnerships, deep dives into competitive market, determine the capital market’s appetite for funding, and validate intellectual property potential.

B. Ignite Innovation

We focus on disruptive components vs commodities. Our SIC.labs proprietary capabilities rapidly develop new and/or extend innovation via patents, inventions, and/or in-licensing intellectual property.

C. Agile Prototype

Our experts iterate through agile prototyping aligning to comprehensive roadmaps and timelines to rapidly develop a value-based prototype which will can be extended to commercialization in subsequent phases. We employ cost-effective R&D to balance speed-to-market and evaluate buy vs. build components based on roadmap objectives and build partnerships with early customers and business partners.


Immersive Acceleration

We immerse ourselves in the business practice to work alongside innovators, engaging appropriate partners (entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, engineers and investors), and applying our skills and years of expertise to coach, guide, and achieve our goals together.

A. Develop

Working alongside innovation and business partners, we use best practices tools to extend prototypes in a staged roll-out to meet customer and business partner implementation requirements. We align development against valuation and capital requirements, and engage broader partners/customer segments on net benefit capabilities in subsequent versions.

B. Prepare for Growth

Our General Partners work with innovation and business partners to leverage industry expertise and experience to create a culture and environment for accelerated growth. We map resource growth to market gain then optimize penetration against preset milestone-horizons. We advise on hiring leadership to operationalize innovation, including board of directors / board of advisors.

C. Make Market-Ready

Our investment committee continually evaluates progress and releases subsequent funding to further accelerate growth. We develop and execute on talent acquisition plans (whether leveraged or owned), raise market awareness via industry conferences, PR, and marketing, and engage in employee revenue acceleration training to create centers-of-excellence for customers.

Valuation Milestones

We apply capability model valuation milestone horizons using disciplined success metrics against capital plans to secure subsequent investment and commercialization.

A. Value Driven Milestones

We execute against concrete preset milestones and proven success metrics to assess and grow market penetration. We use a thoughtful results-centric approach to secure resources aligned to market valuation with a keen-eye on optimizing strategies.

B. Prime Innovation for Future Investment

We work with innovation and business partners to groom businesses for commercialization as acquisition targets, commercial partnerships, joint-ventures, and strategic capital investment strategies.

C. Scale Capabilities

We take a measured approach to scale the business and ensure we balance market penetration against capital funding. We execute on resourcing roadmaps, adjusting to market dynamics, and continue to develop and roll-out innovation against net benefit measures.