Our Focus

We are passionate about themes which we believe are shaping our world and we actively seek out partnerships, program vehicles, and ideas which can benefit from our Rapid Acceleration Methodology to make a transformative impact on the world.



Areas of Focus


New Media Technology

New Media refers to the elements of our life which use technology for distribution and interaction. Tomorrow’s new media is about immersion, dialogue and sentience.  Our focus is re-inventing how people will behave and how businesses will define value with tomorrow’s new media.


Blended learning (Virtual and Traditional)

Personalized learning through blended ecosystems (with synchronous and asynchronous education) across devises to enhance individual understanding and tailor teaching styles to nurture and bring the out best out of humanity: happy and confident learners, encouraged to discover their own talent, ready for the future with the skills and ambition to succeed anywhere.

Revenue Acceleration

Business success can no longer rely on braun alone. Tomorrow’s revenue growth requires the analytics-driven competence of data mining, predictive modeling and machine learning to analyze facts, capture relationships, identify opportunities and guide decision making. We are focusing on revenue acceleration capabilities which tap into the power of new media.

Neural Networks

Artificial neural networks, inspired by biological ones, are systems of interconnected algorithms which exchange messages with each other and have connections that can be tuned based on experience, making them adaptive and capable of learning. We are focusing on harnessing these capabilities to solve problems that depend on a large number of generally unknown inputs, and generate solutions which we do not have the tools to do today.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The ways we experience our reality is evolving alongside our increased co-habitation with digital media. Tomorrow’s media interactions will inevitably incorporate concepts of augmented and virtual realities to realistically simulate a user’s physical presence in digital media environments, fully encompassing sight, sound, touch and smell. Our focus is on building capabilities to capture, process, and interpret large quantities of sensory information, and assemble user experiences across multiple dimensions.


Life Sciences

Humans continue to evolve as technology grows exponentially. The nexus of technology and the human mind & body is the next frontier, with a profound, intimate impact on us. We believe incubating these technologies will positively contribute to this evolution.


Marketplace Technology Platforms

Connecting leading healthcare startups from all over the world with healthcare investors, physicians and medical industry executives to create a more efficient path from investment to commercialization


Biomechanics, Biomaterials, Biomedical Research


Digital Health, Big Data-Driven Personalized Medicine, Connected Health 

Emerging Life Science Disciplines

Bioinformatics, Computational Neuroscience


Clean Technologies

We are approaching the boundaries of Earth’s carrying capacity for human consumption and an inflection point is here, with CleanTech emerging as a fundamental human necessity. Our focus is on renewable materials, resources and designs that will address global problems and drive new Circular Economies through innovative and disruptive solutions.


Energy Solutions

Power generation through renewable energy and environmentally friendly storage technologies

Sustainable Mobility

Alternative fuels / bio-fuels, fleet management, transportation technology and systems addressing the challenges and realities of a global distribution supply chain

Sustainable Waste Management and Waste-To-Energy

Waste collection, transport, disposal and utilization that focuses on waste as an energy feed-stock

Sustainable Water Management

Water extraction, treatment, procurement & utilization that minimizes waste and mimics natural processes

Energy Efficiency

Energy and material sustainability contributing to efficient designs, production processes, and products in our cities & towns and our farms & factories