Jaiya Randhawa

Intern Associate – Life Sciences

(Vancouver, British Columbia)

Jaiya Randhawa is an intern associate with SIC.partners responsible for researching innovation in life sciences focusing on the growing area of Digital Health and technologies related to individualized monitoring and preventative regimes to solve current and potential health challenges.

Throughout elementary and high school, Jaiya has won science competitions and awards in biology, physics and chemistry. In 2017, Jaiya will be attending university (with aspirations to attend McGill University in Montreal) to apply her passion and experience in computing, smart devices and data analytics to link patients, clinicians, researchers and scientists with a goal to optimize health and wellbeing.

Jaiya’s passion for health sciences came from her mother, who early on demonstrated the link between nutrition and health through customized dietary cooking techniques producing health benefits. Jaiya’s curiosity and understanding grew exponentially when she helped her mother care for her grandfather who was vegetarian and suffered from cancer. Jaiya observed and learned the value of monitoring vitals and customized dietary treatments, and became an avid reader of literature and journals that are focused on the future of health sciences and cultural predictions.

Jaiya grew-up playing soccer and learning Taekwondo and now volunteers for community health and fitness events and coaches younger kids. She is fluent in French and conversational Punjabi, plays classic guitar and, along with her brother and sister, regularly jams to Indian music.

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