Jovan Phull

Intern Associate – New Media

(Toronto, Ontario)

Jovan Phull is an intern associate with responsible for researching innovation in new media as it relates to evolving gaming, virtual and augmented reality and intelligent healthcare. by combining nanotechnology with human-interface technologies.

In 2017, Jovan will be attending University focusing on materials engineering and human-technology interfaces. In preparation, Jovan has developed several software programs that enhance human-interfaces including games.

As a youth, Jovan volunteered at community centers for Adaptive Aquatics programs where he focused on interacting and teaching children with different forms of autism to swim. This developed his keen sense of communication and innovative thinking as he was able to create different stratagems to adjust to the symptoms of individual children.

As a child Jovan suffered from selective mutism. This encouraged him to become more creative, utilizing different forms of communication. This also drove his passion for innovative design and incorporating into it the concepts of connection, dialogue, and sentience.

At the age of 8, to help with his selective mutism, Jovan began to play the Indian keyboards (harmonium) and by the time Jovan was 10 he began singing Hindi / Punjabi poems. He has played in front of over 500 people at various venues. Jovan has also won several math and science competitions and awards through elementary and high school.

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