Parmissa Randhawa

Associate – CleanTech

(Vancouver, British Columbia)

Parmissa Randhawa is an associate with responsible for liaising with Pacific Northwest universities to identify and work with innovators and help facilitate high trajectory start-ups.

Parmissa is a 3rd year Chemistry student at University of Victoria. She is focused on the field of Environmental Chemistry and studying innovative ways of utilizing chemistry to serve the world’s need for renewable energy (waste-to-energy), sustainable agriculture, clean water, and non-polluting manufacturing and transportation, among other Clean Tech sectors. Parmissa believes that the order behind science provides a systematic guide to find the answers to todays and tomorrow’s challenges.

Parmissa’s passion for chemistry started when her father, who is a pioneer in hazardous waste disposal, would take Parmissa to work and demonstrate the impact of everyday materials on the environment. This was further heightened when she started to study the causes of acid rain and it’s impact on her family’s sustainable farm.

As a young girl growing-up, Parmissa became a student of Taekwondo achieving the status of black belt. As a way of giving back to her community, she teaches an Indo-Canadian youth group in Taekwondo.

Parmissa has played the guitar since her youth, both acoustical and electronic. As with her perspective on science, Parmissa found the guitar represents an order to music that combines art and science to create powerful compositions that resonate.

Parmissa is both skilled and enthusiastic about finding the right solutions and sharing her knowledge. For 8 straight months she has been the number one sales consultant in Canada for a leading youth focused retail company and this passion has translated to seeking innovation and helping young innovators.

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