Sunjeev Phull

Associate – Life Sciences

(Toronto, Ontario)

Sunjeev Phull is an associate with responsible for liaising with universities in central Canada to identify and work with innovators to facilitate high trajectory start-ups.

Sunjeev is a 3rd year Biomedical Engineering student at Ryerson University. He is focused on the field of Biomaterials and studying innovative way of using bio-active glasses in medicine.

Sunjeev was 18 years old when his grandfather was diagnosed with leukemia. The doctors projected his grandfather had 3 months to live, however his family came together to try and cure him with alternative innovative treatments and as a result his grandfather’s lifespan was extended 5-fold. During his last visit with his grandfather, Sunjeev promised to find a cure for this terrible disease and as a result developed a passion for life-sciences.

Early in his career as an engineering student, he discovered the field of Biomaterials and believes that this field is a pathway to curing cancer as well as a variety of other diseases.

As a teenager, Sunjeev found a passion for sharing knowledge. He became a lifeguard and swim instructor – both sharing the technical workings of the various swimming strokes as well as the knowledge of how to save live under various situations.

As a child, Sunjeev was intrigued with the traditional Indian instrument of Tabla (Indian drums). He has spent the last 15 years dedicated to mastering the art. He found when playing the Tabla, the mathematical movements of each finger hitting the drums in different patterns helped shape both his engineering perspective and calm approach to problem solving.

Sunjeev is passionate about innovation and helping young innovators. This comes from his family’s extensive experience in creating innovation and start-ups across New Media, AeroSpace, CleanTech and Health Science.

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